Welcome to MIB2MP!

by MIB2MP 14. January 2013 16:15


MIB2MP is a brand new tool that helps you to ease and enable SNMP network monitoring for System Center Ops Manager (SCOM).

We know that network monitoring and snmp devices monitoring are critical for any corporate IT's health. We also want our customer to be able to leverage their IT assets such as SCOM.
MIB2MP is a simple idea : filling the gap between SCOM's capabilities and your network monitoring needs. With MIB2MP, you are now able to turn your MIB files into ready-to-use Management Packs for Ops Manager with just one single tool.

MIBMP is composed of 2 mains pieces:

  • The MIB2MP Studio helps you to create SNMP Management Packs projects : load your MIB files, create your monitoring rules and test them directly against your network devices
  • Our cloud-based Management Packs generator takes your project and create a ready-to-use Management Pack for either SCOM 2012 or SCOM 2007 R2

We are very happy to announce that the first beta of MIB2MP will be there very soon!

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