MIB2MP Studio v1.1 is available for download

by MIB2MP 10. July 2013 17:23

A new update of the MIB2MP Studio has been released today!

This update includes several UI bugfixes and a some improvements in the SNMP test module :

  • The SNMP v1 probe now works properly
  • You can now choose the SNMP version you want to run your local test

If you already installed the MIB2MP Studio, you will get this update automatically the next time you launch the application.

You can also download the installation package in your user section or create a free account if you don't have one yet.

At last, don't hesitate to contact us if you have any question or comments about MIB2MP!


What is a trial management pack ?

by MIB2MP 28. June 2013 10:35

In order for you to test and evaluate our solution, we provide each and every user who create an account with a free license plan.

When you create an account on MIB2MP, you can immediately start to use the solution and create a trial management pack!

A trial management pack is a fully functional management pack with only two restrictions:

  1. It is intended for testing purposes only: You cannot deploy and use it in a production environment.
  2. You can add up to one item per category within the same management project. The item categories are the following:
    1. Alert rule
    2. Event rule
    3. Performance rule
    4. Probe monitor
    5. Trap monitor

For example, if you create a project with one performance rule and one probe monitor, it will be automatically considered as a trial management pack and you will be able to generate it for free.

However, if you create a project with one performance rule, two event rules and one trap monitor, this project will not be considered as a trial management pack. This is because of the two event rules added in your project. You will be required to upgrade to another license plan to generate it.
If you remove one of the two event rules, then your management pack will be considered as a trial – and free – management pack.

Creating a trial management pack is a good way to test and validate an SNMP device monitoring in your SCOM environment so don’t hesitate and start to make your own right now!

Update about MIB2MP licensing

by MIB2MP 31. May 2013 11:28

We received several questions about the MIB2MP licensing and pricing along with our customers's feedback about the product.

We want to make things as clear as possible for you so we updated our pricing page and we also published an article that explains all the points you need to know about or license plans (and all the free things you get with a MIB2MP account!)

Check out our new pricing page and read the "MIB2MP pricing explained" article!

And if you still have any questions or if something is not clear, don't hesitate to contact our sales team.