MIB2MP licensing explained

While building the MIB2MP solution we tried to come up with a clear licensing and pricing plan.

Our license plan can be summed up into one sentence: “You only pay for the management pack you generate”.

Licensing Overview

Here is an overview of what you get when using MIB2MP.
Creating an account is absolutely free. When you create your account you automatically get the following:

  • The free MIB2MP Studio (including the future updates)
  • An unlimited project creation: you can create as many projects as you want with the studio and upload them in your portal’s private storage.
  • 5 trial management packs. A trial management pack is a fully-functional management pack that includes a limited number of items and that cannot be used in a production environment.

When you’re ready to generate one or more management pack, you just have to buy one or more generation credit.

The rule is simple:  1 Management Pack = 1 credit

Depending on the number of credit you need, our pricing plans will offer you a sliding scale price.
Check out our prices matrix to find the plan that fit your needs.

Management Pack Generation

  • You only need to pay for the first management pack generation. If you need to modify or update your management pack afterwards, you can do it for free.
  • No monthly or maintenance fee, no hidden costs: You only pay for your management pack. That’s all.
  • If you require a special assistance while building your management pack, you can purchase one or more 2 hours-support-tickets. Our SCOM experts will assist you to create your 100% customized management packs.

Management Pack Usage

The network monitoring management packs generated by MIB2MP follow the following criteria:

  • You can monitor an unlimited number of devices with a given management pack. Whether you plan to monitor 1 or 500 devices, the price of a management pack remains the same.
  • One given management pack is generated for one single SCOM management group. When you trigger your management pack generation, we simply ask you to give the target SCOM management group. Your management pack can then be deployed on this SCOM instance but will not work on another SCOM instance.
  • If you’re planning to build and resell a management pack (e.g. if you’re a service provider or IT consulting firm), please contact us, we have a special enterprise agreement for you.

We will be happy to answer all your questions. If you have a special commercial request or need a quote, don’t hesitate to contact our sales team.